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Getting a handle on debt is critical for the success of your future finances. Just because you have debt it doesn’t mean you are resigned to bankruptcy and the potential of losing assets. Booking a friendly and free debt consultation appointment with J. Campbell and Associates is the first step on a journey that ends with you breaking free from your debt!

Credit Counselling

Credit counselling is for anyone who wants better control of their income, debt, and budget. Credit counsellors can set-up a debt management program with your creditors. Contact us today to learn about the differences between a debt management program and consumer proposals.

Corporate Insolvency

Whether you are looking to close down your business or clean up its balance sheet, we have the solution. Keep your business alive with a proposal or wind it down with a bankruptcy. Either way, we can help.

Consumer Proposals

A consumer proposal is essentially a deal between you and your creditors. Under this program the interest stops accumulating and in most cases you will pay less than you owe. Consumer Proposals will last five years or less.

Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an effective way to get relief from your creditors. Bankruptcy is often perceived in a negative light however, struggling with debt and falling into collections can be worse. Sometimes the best way to give yourself a fresh start is a bankruptcy.

A Free Debt Meeting Can Put Your Mind At Ease

There are many ways to mitigate and consolidate debt, based on how much you owe. We know that it feels extremely hard to escape from the stress and hardship that comes with debt. One of the things we focus on in the free debt consultation meeting is easy tricks that aid you in escaping from debt starting by modifying your habits. When there’s absolutely no way you can maintain payment schedules or if personal circumstances change, we’ll be there to support you and re-evaluate your options.

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We’re a small firm with our head office located in London, Ontario. Our primary focus is providing solutions to help you deal with your creditors while maintaining a professional and respectful relationship with you during tough times. We have extremely flexible hours to guarantee that one of our experienced and compassionate bankruptcy professionals can meet and guide you through the process that’ll free you from your debt!

Jason Campbell, CIRP, LIT


Jason Campbell is the resident licensed insolvency trustee. Jason will personally meet with you and take the time necessary to address any of your concerns.

Natasa Pulfer

Manager of Estate Administration

Natasa Pulfer is an experienced financial administrator. She is knowledgeable and compassionate; she also is fluent in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

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Very easy to work with. Answered all my questions thoroughly and with ease! Would recommend to anyone in need of debt advice.

~ Sally Myers

Extremely professional and knowledgeable about all matters of debts. Really helped me out!!

~ Robert Serka

Was so worried about my financial situation until I talked with Jay and worked out a plan to help me out. I appreciate all the time he took to go over all the options with me. Great support.

~ Aiden Pearce

I went to J Campbell to help me with a consumer proposal and was blown away by the good service that I received! Would absolutely recommend them to help you out.

~ Amy Welsh

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