Credit Counselling

Need Help?

Struggling to make or follow a budget?

Collection agencies calling?

Relying on credit to make bill payments?

Regularly late or missed payments?

No savings, emergency fund

or retirement plan?

Losing sleep or feeling stressed

by your financial situation?

What Is Credit Counselling?

Credit counsellors are generally employed by not-for-profit agencies and offer various counselling associated with household expenses and maintaining a positive budget. Credit counsellors also offer something called a Debt Management Program (DMP). This DMP is geared towards having your interest reduced to 0% and full payment of the balance of your debt. Creditors participate in this program voluntarily and can withdraw at anytime. Some creditors elect to not participate at all.

If you would prefer a formal approach with legal framework, perhaps a consumer proposal may be a better option. See our Consumer Proposal page for more information or contact us below.

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